Interested in volunteering as a coach?

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Interested applicants please contact our coach coordinator Jeremy Morin at

All coaches are required to complete a criminal record check each year, or as determined by the Executive Board. It is also required that each coach complete the Hockey Alberta Respect in Sport – Activity Leader (Coach) program.

  • Abide by the Fair Play Codes as set out by Hockey Canada.
  • Ensure that all appropriate Coaching Certification courses are taken, in accordance with the level being coached.
  • Respond to the needs and skills of individual players, ensuring that each player has the maximum opportunity to develop to his/her potential.
  • Recognize their responsibilities as leaders, educators and role models for young players. Conduct towards players, parents, officials and other persons should be based on mutual respect and be fair and reasonable. Physical abuse, verbal abuse or profanity is strictly prohibited.
  • Establish regular communication with parents on games, practices, schedules, fundraising etc.
  • Recognize that while hockey may be the major winter activity of the player, it is not the only activity. In priority, it comes after family and educational responsibilities and reasonable accommodation to these factors is expected.
  • If requested by the Coaching Coordinator, aid in selection of players to teams, where selection procedures exist, based on direct observation of demonstrated skills, estimates of future development potential and perceived dedication to the program.
  • Ensure proper supervision of the team, before, during and after games and practices. Accept reasonable responsibility for the conduct, safety, and wellbeing of the players.
  • Develop a set of rules for the team that are clearly communicated and enforced equally on all players.
  • Encourage and motivate the players towards the enjoyment of the game, team concept, and skill development.
  • Comply with normal administrative directives by:
    • Holding a parent meeting at the beginning of the season
    • Attending all meetings as required
    • Ensure that the team has adequate support personnel
    • Review current Hockey Alberta rules and BMH Policy and Procedures Manual