Board of Directors

Banff Minor Hockey Association Board of Directors

The BMHA board is responsible to the general membership of the association, has full control and management of BMH within the bylaws, and serves in the best interest of the majority of the members.

The board is always looking for members of the association to join us!  The board meets once a month and positions are held for a two year term.


Chris Hughes

Vice President

Position open for 22/23


Debra Kapitzke



Andrea Howie


Alison Burger

Communications Coordinator

John Doherty

Ice Coordinator

Fred Lambert

Coach Coordinator

Jeremy Morin

Pond Coordinator

Dave Petch

Board Positions


  • Shall be ex-officio and a member of all committees.
  • Shall when present, preside at the annual general meeting and all special meetings of BMH, and all meetings of the Executive. In his absence, the Vice-President shall preside. In the absence of both, a chairperson may be elected by the Executive to preside at the meeting.

Vice President

  • Shall preside at the Annual General Meeting and the Special Meetings of BMH in the absence of the president.
  • Shall preside at all Executive Meetings in the absence of the President and shall accept responsibility for the supervision of all committees.
  • Shall be responsible for risk management and discipline.
  • Shall act as a liaison between Banff Minor Hockey and referees.


  • Shall be under the direction of the President and the Executive Board of BMH.
  • Shall be responsible to keep accurate minutes of all regular Executive Board Meetings, Special Meetings and General Meetings of BMH and to distribute them to the Executive Board members.
  • Shall conduct correspondence on behalf of BMH and the responsible for keeping all correspondence and permanent records during the term of office.


  • Shall be responsible for player and team registration at local, Provincial and National level.
  • Shall be responsible for affiliations.
  • Shall keep a record of all BMH players and members.
  • Shall be responsible for all sanctions required by teams.
  • Shall be responsible to obtain travel permits for all teams that wish to travel outside their hockey zone for exhibition or tournament play.


  • Shall receive all monies paid to BMH and shall be responsible for the deposit of the same at whatever banking institution the Board may order.
  • Shall be responsible to disburse payment for all expenses for BMH. The Treasurer shall properly account for the funds and keep such records as may be directed.
  • Shall present a full detailed account of receipts and disbursements to the Executive Board of BMH whenever requested.
  • Shall assist in the preparation of financial statements duly audited and submit a copy to the Secretary for the records of BMH.
  • Shall be present at each Annual General Meeting to report on the past year’s operation with a duly audited statement of BMH.

Ice Coordinator

  • Shall be responsible for scheduling all BMH ice requirements.
  • Shall be responsible for scheduling all BMH dates and ice times for all tournaments hosted by the local association.
  • Shall act as a liaison between BMH and the Town of Banff.

Equipment Coordinator

  • Shall be responsible for ensuring that BMH maintains an adequate equipment inventory, and shall make recommendations to the Executive Board when purchases for new equipment are deemed necessary.
  • Shall coordinate and be the issuing agent for keys and locks for the locker room.

Coaching Coordinator

  • Shall select and coordinate coaching clinics and chair a selection committee to allocate coaches to each team fairly from those who apply, based on coaches’ qualifications and past performance.
  • Shall organize player evaluations, and oversee team placements.
  • Shall see that coaches are certified according to Hockey Alberta rules.
  • Shall set up regular coach and referee meetings at least at the start of the season to promote cooperation between coaching staff, referees and the executive.

League Director

  • Shall attend all league meetings.
  • Shall act as a liaison between BMH and league.

Recreation Director

  • Shall represent all BMH Recreation Programs and coordinate program development.

Female Director

  • Shall attend all league meetings.
  • Shall act as a liaison between BMH and league.

Director of Communications

  • Shall be in charge of all communication to all BMH members via email and the BMH website.
  • Shall oversee the Web Master and content.
  • Shall assist the Registrar and Treasurer by setting up seasonal registration packages and ensure pricing is correct.
  • Shall setup website email for the current Board of Directors and team managers.


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