With September one week away (wow), I’m happy to share some important information about the upcoming season:
Start Dates
  • Hockey begins the week of September 14th for U-9 (Novice), U-11 (Atom), U-13 (Peewee), and U-15 (Bantam).
  • For U-7 (Initiation) and Pond (Rec) hockey begins the week of October 5th.
  • Ice schedules are still being finalized.
Roster Sizes
As of today (August 25th), roster sizes are as follows:
  • Pond: 9
  • U-7: 14
  • U-9: 10
  • U-11A: 15
  • U-11B:12
  • U-13: 9
  • U-15: 12
If you know anyone who is interested in hockey, it is not too late to sign up.

Hockey Alberta Return to Hockey Plan
Hockey Alberta has recently updated their Return to Hockey Plan (PDF).  Coaches and managers should become familiar with it, and it also has useful resources for parents.
COVID-19 Alberta Health Stage 2 Guidance
The Alberta Government’s Stage 2 Guidance on sport, physical activity and recreation (PDF) is one of our key guiding documents.  The section on mini-leagues and cohorting will figure into our planning, which will be announced soon.
There is no doubt that this season will be very different for everyone, and we are incredibly grateful for the work being done to ensure that each and every kid has the opportunity to safely compete and have some fun out on the ice this year.  If you have any questions about any of the above, please let me know and I will be happy to walk you through it and/or connect you with the appropriate person.
Thank you, and have a great week!